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A Partnership of State programs

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Across the entire country - from Oregon on the west coast to Connecticut out

East - Lions KidSight initiatives have been operating since 1998, when the first

generation of vision screening cameras were introduced, using older film-based

technologies that require manual interpretation of the photos. Nowadays, all these

programs use newer, more efficient and touch-less digital screening devices.

Basic eye-chart screenings have been around since 1899 - and we use eye chart screenings in our own EyeCare practices because they will always play an important role in performing a full and complete eye exam in the doctor’s office - yet, eye chart screenings do have some limitations when used for large-scale children’s vision screenings.

With the latest modern technology eye screening, we get immediate results.

Eye chart testing can be subjective and relies on a well-trained school staff person as well as a very cooperative student in order to produce quick, reliable results. Eye chart screenings can miss such potential issues, such as farsightedness, amblyopia factors, low-grade cases of myopia and astigmatism. In contrast, the digital, touch-less technology used in our primary screening devices is automatic and produces immediate “pass/referral (fail)” results.

Volunteering for a Great Cause!

Lions KidSight USA is a nation-wide program bringing Lions clubs across the country

together to ensure our children receive eye screenings and follow-up care when needed.

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