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Database User Guide


The Lions KidSight USA database is designed to collect basic non-personal, HIPAA compliant, information about your children’s vision screening activities.  We are requesting that you report the number of children screened, the age group of the children you screened and the number of children referred.  You have the option of reporting the specific ages of the children and the various indications for referral as indicated by your device.

While reporting this data is an easy, straight forward process, its impact is tremendous. It will allow Lions to showcase their screening events as well as allowing Lions KidSight USA to demonstrate the effectiveness of our program. In addition, the data will allow qualified researchers and health professionals to analyze our results to show epidemiological trends from region to region.

If you are doing screening and not yet reporting to our database, please contact either your multiple district or district KidSight chair asking to be an authorized data reporter for your club or district.  

You may also contact Lions KidSight USA at

Thank you

Dr. Edward V. Cordes, PID
Chair, Lions KidSight USA Foundation

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If you have any questions about the Database User Manual, please send your question to us using the FORM below. 

We will do our best to get back to you within a reasonable period of time. Please include your Lions Club Name (geographic location) and your phone number. 

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