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Lions Club Members - We NEED You!

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

A team of caring and dedicated people, and a few wonderful organizations, make it possible for Lions KidSight USA to screen and safeguard the vision of up 2 million children annually (pre-Covid).

Be sure to focus your outreach on agencies/schools you may have partnered with in other ways. If your club is not currently participating in vision screening activities of this type, contact other clubs with experience in vision screening asking for advice/guidance. Reach out to your district/ multiple district chairperson for guidance.

Determine all the key steps for conducting a vision screening program so it becomes an annual club service event.

Lions KidSight USA is a nation-wide program bringing Lions clubs across the country

together to ensure our children receive eye screenings and follow-up care when needed.

Restarting the KidSight USA Program for 2022

"Despite all the challenges caused by the Covid lockdowns over the last year, I’m amazed by the tremendous strides accomplished by the Lions KidSight USA Foundation and all our friends and partners. I’m particularly excited at the potential of Project SEE CLEARLY

2022 STILL SAVING SIGHT campaign to once again help ensure the vision health of our next generation. Please join with us. Our kids are counting on us." –Dr. Edward Cordes, Chair, Lions KidSight USA Foundation

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