Project SEE CLEARLY ‘21 is a national vision screening and correction campaign to help clear the national backlog of the 25 MILLION children – aged 6 months through early grade school—who have gone for nearly 2 years without a basic vision screening due to pandemic interruption.

According to educational experts,
80% of learning is visual. If children can’t see well, they will have more difficulty learning.

This volunteer initiative is brought to you by the Lions KidSight USA, a nationwide program that brings Lions Clubs across the country together to ensure our children receive eye screenings and follow-up care when needed. 1-in-3 young children have poor but correctable vision - often just needing eyeglasses.

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  • We’re 6 to 6 – we provide vision screening to children as young as 6 months to grade 12.

  • We’re National – we’ve created a coordinated national coalition of active and experienced Lions vision screeners.

  • We’re Needed – vision problems undetected by the age of 7 can become permanent.

  • We're FREE! - Vision Screenings are conducted by Lions Volunteers who have been trained in the proper use of Touchless Screening Devices.

The pandemic has dealt a serious blow to the annual screening of children’s visual health. It is a silent tsunami in so many ways, threatening millions. Altogether, there’s an estimated backlog of 25 million school children who were not screened last year, and who now may have developed new and worsening vision impairment. These children urgently need to be identified and helped to ensure early and successful treatment. Project SEE CLEARLY 2021 is Lions KidSight USA’s back to school program designed to motivate Lions, teachers, and parents to have the kids for which they are responsible screened for visual risk factors that may cause issues well into the future.